Re-submitting a rolledback VAT submission

How do i resubmit a VAT return that has been rolled back.

Hi @redadmiral

Are you registered for MTD? The reason I ask is that the method used will depend on the VAT scheme that you are on.

Pse use ***********, the business email which is registered already with you.

Hi @redadmiral

I’ve removed your email address from your post as this is a public forum.

If you could let us know if you’re using MTD or not, we’ll certainly try our best to help you move forward with this.

Well I am trying to use MTD using Quickfile but have not had any luck to date. The one submission in Sept was rolled back and VAT also had issues which have since been remedied by HMRC. So I need to resubmit the Rolled Back VAT submission held on Quickfile asap and then submit the end Dec VAT Return so that I can pay both.

Hi @redadmiral

This post should hopefully explain the steps you need to go through to rollback your VAT return and then re-submit any future returns you need to do withou introducing errors into them.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Hi Sian
I have firstly disabled the online filing option in Settings. This is confirmed.
I know need to know exactly what to do to prepare a re-submission and am having trouble trying to sort that out. So please tell (an idiot) a foolproof set of steps to follow.
All the old VAT Bridging Excel sheets are ready to re-submit and saved of course.
It seems that I cannot create a new (replacement or any other type of) VAT Return without first connecting to HMRC and then enabling the online filing option.
I have been into VAT Obligations. It says Mar and Jun are filed and Dec (of course) is to OPEN.
I would do Dec after I resubmit Sept. which is the one in question. Sept does not appear in the VAT Obligations. There are not other Liabilities or Payments outstanding.
In VAT Reports it shows the Rolled Back VAT Return.
So, what to do please?

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