Read only option

Hi, my contact at the accountants is now on maternity leave, so another colleague requires access, how do I go about giving access please, also is there a way I can allow them a read only option please?

Hi @Kez

You can set up another user to have access to your account - it won’t be read only but you can determine which areas of the account that they can see. Information on the user privileges can be found here: Configuring privileges for your team

The number of times the question about read-only access comes up shows there’s a real need for it.

One of the organisations I use QuickFile for is a club and for transparency I want to allow, for instance, the auditor to see everything but not be able to change anything. Also the Secretary needs to see members up-to-date contact details but from previous experience he believes the details he holds independently are more correct than mine (they aren’t) and will fiddle with data because there’s no way to let him view without being able to amend. And as for the Chairman he’ll just meddle and put entries in if he feels like it as he knows nothing about accounting. :frowning:

So instead I have a never-ending stream of requests for information from the committee which they could answer themselves if they had read-only access.

Its probably worth adding your vote to the feature request that @lurch linked to

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