Read receipts from anything emailed?

Is it possible to add the ability to request read receipts and suppose delivery receipts to the emails you send?

It be nice to know if your client or supplier has read the email you have sent

Personally I find read receipts intrusive and out-dated. Still I will leave it open for others to up-vote / discuss.

That is very true but i have dealt with big business and they can be rude in eh form you never know what going on it nice to know ok this has been read and i can follow it up later after set period of time but sometimes you don’t know if it been read because person might be off sick etc

Just a note on this, while I used to find read receipts useful, I no longer find a need for them since I switched to Gmail a few years ago.

If you are just looking for ‘proof’ of someone opening an invoice or estimate etc., you can just send the link to QuickFile rather than attach a PDF. This will log the date and time in QF too.

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Sounds a good way to do it

I find it useful, and never had an issue reported (well, one where no images appeared, but they were a heavily internet filtered company!)

Another issue I’ve found is that not all mail clients are created equal, by which I mean that there are loads of mail clients on loads of platforms that don’t all adhere to the standards and/or are set with obscure defaults that require some digging around in the settings to fix, which most people don’t.