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Rearranging bank a/c display columns

could u pls let me know if its poss to rearrange the columns on bank a/c display

at present it starts with date, reference, money out and so on. so is it poss to change this order.
If so, how pls.

Thank u

Hi @Hariaum

There isn’t a way to change this order I’m afraid

It’s doable with a custom script if you have a Power User subscription. It’s a bit evil and may be flaky if QuickFile ever do a re-design, but here is an example of how you could swap round the money in/money out columns:

$(function() {
  if($('body').is('.page-bank-statement')) {
    // swap the money in/out column headers
    $('#resultsTbl thead th.th5').each(function() { $(this).insertBefore(this.previousSibling); });

    // this is the nasty bit - I couldn't find a suitable event that fires when
    // the table content is loaded, so I've had to resort to "monkey-patching"
    // the initGrid function
    var oldInitGrid = initGrid;
    initGrid = function() {
      // swap the in/out columns
      $('tr.dataLineRow td:nth-child(5)').each(function() {

      // call the original function

(my PUS has expired so I’m unable to test this properly, YMMV…)

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