Rebate Statement

Hello! I run a small recycling business where firms drop in their rigid plastic waste. When (and only when) we have processed the material and know the final weight, do we raise a rebate statement, against which the supplier of the waste will raise an invoice. Quickfile does not allow this function, so I’m trying to find a workaround and would be grateful for any advice.
I’ve looked at raising a credit note - but I cannot re-name it to rebate statement and I do not want it to seem that I have raised a credit on the supplier, because I need to pay them.
I’ve also looked at entering a purchase, but that is not ideal either as it does not allow me to add, for example 1.45 tonnes at £25, without doing a manual calculation. There is also no free text field for me to state stuff like “Raise an invoice against this … you are liable for your tax … etc”
Any other ideas?

Hi @AylGran

We’ll certainly leave your post open for other users to comment and make suggestions for you, however, I just wanted to touch on one point:

For a sales invoice, we do allow free text entry with no values: New comment lines for invoices and estimates

It sounds to me like these rebate statements are essentially purchase orders - they’re a way for you to tell your “supplier” what you are buying from them, in order for them to then invoice you for the correct amount.

If your account doesn’t already have purchase orders enabled, you can switch this feature on via the account settings -> advanced features page.

There may be a CSS trick that you could use to change the “PURCHASE ORDER” heading to “REBATE NOTE”, that might be enough for your purposes. When the supplier does invoice you, you can convert the PO into a normal purchase invoice.

Many thanks Ian. I will have a look into this :slightly_smiling_face: