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Receipt Analyser - Magic Stick

Hi Quickfile Team,
In the receipt hub is a “magic stick” which used to get all the invoice details for the purchase invoice in quickfile. This used to be a very helpful tool. It was not working perfectly but did a great job for me.
For a while now, it is not working at all, even for invoices which were working before. I always get a error message (see below). I know, it is still in beta but as I said before, it was working good. Could someone maybe look into it, please? Thank you

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Hi @rhc

There has been some underlying API change with our provider which we are looking into now. We should hopefully have it functioning again shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

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Morning @rhc

This should be working again now, but please let me know if you have any further problems.


Good morning Glenn,
Thank you very much for letting me know and your prompt response.

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Discourse needs to look at fixing this mess of an email reply system where they include the irrelevant signatures. Seems to be the new “sent using TapaTalk” but more obnoxious!

Hi Glenn,
I tested your fixed receipt analyser today and it is working now. Thank you very much again for your quick respond and fix.


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