Receipt capture iphone app - no sliders

Just tried this instead of cam scanner, and seems much quicker to use than cam scanner.
However, not working quite as it should be: image editing block showing but there are no sliders on view to adjust image brightness/contrast settings, etc. You have to use the image as captured, which works, but would be better if the images could be enhanced.
Would be grateful if you could advise?


I believe this may have fallen victim to the latest iOS updates.

Unfortunately this app is no longer under active development. We hired a company some years ago to develop this app but unfortunately it became hugely cost prohibitive to maintain this through the various iterations of iOS, particularly when CamScanner already does a far better job cleaning up, cropping and compressing the images.

I use CamScanner + Dropbox on an Android device and it works great, I can’t whole hardheartedly recommend you use the iOS app right now, but we are also loathed to pull it, given there are quite a number of people already using it.

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