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Receipt Hub and Document Manager

I have created a QF account for a client and he loves the estimating/converting to sales side and I am handling the bank feeds and tagging. I have been tagging right up to date and then days later he scans a receipt which appears in Receipt Hub and relates to an item already tagged!
What is the best way to deal with this in QF?
He is also scanning bank statements into Receipt Hub which by copying and pasting outside of QF, I can then import back into Document Manager>Bank Statements but is there an easier way to move documents from Receipt Hub to Document Manager within QF?

How did you tag the transaction if you didn’t have the receipt prior to the client uploading it? If you created a receipt by tagging the transaction then bare in mind the created receipt will have the same date as the payment which in most cases will be wrong as most transactions appear a few days after receipt date

But what you can do is de tag the transaction delete the created receipt and then use the uploaded one to re tag to.

I mostly know the suppliers our client uses and have tagged without seeing the invoice. I was surprised that he managed to scan them to Receipt Hub to be honest.
I will probably de tag and then use the scanned receipt and then re tag. Thanks for this Paul.

I hope support will answer the bit about Document Manager and Receipt Hub which I currently find confusing.

Hi @Bagpipe

If you have already created the invoice before your client has scanned the document in, then once the document appears in the receipts hub, as long as the amount matches you can tag it to the already created invoice. It’ll do a search for you.

With regards to the bank statements, when you’re viewing the it in the receipt hub you can move it into the folder of your choice:
click the move button, you can then select the folder from the drop down.

Hope this helps

HI Beth,

I will try the search method.

I didn’t spot the “Move” “Refresh” “Delete” buttons once you start to tag the receipt…good job I’m having my eyes tested tomorrow!

That’s how Quickfile works, and I do this from time to time for various reasons. When you tag a transaction from a bank account you create a purchase invoice, you can then attach the uploaded receipt to the purchase invoice. Ebtering the amount in receipt hub will bring up a list of purchase invoices with no receipt attached for you to match the receipt to.

You just click “Tag Me”. You don’t need a receipt to tag transactions.

Why not just use the bank feeds? Sounds like you’re creating transactions manually which is probably not helping here?

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