Receipt Hub attachments/body embedding

Can you make the emails to receipt hub distinguish better attachments and embedded images?
Perhaps if there are attachments, ignore embedded images may be.

I have a couple of suppliers who’s email signatures are image heavy, so each time I click my ‘QuickFile’ Quick Step in outlook, i get moaned at for having too many attachments, and sometimes the signature graphics are in receipt hub but the invoice isn’t.

Hi @gcotton

I believe this may be down to the way your email provider sends the emails to us. I know with Gmail for example, although the images are embedded, they are actually attachments (you can see this from the ‘show original’ option on the email itself).

I don’t personally have access to Outlook to test this, but I can certainly take a look at how the emails are seen by a receiving mail server if you wish?

I can ping you an email with an example if you like.

From what I remember doing a ticketing system a few years ago, there are some properties included with the code for the attachment when it’s embeded that aren’t there when it’s attached. I can’t remember what they are, but I’m sure it’s easier enough to find.

I’ve just taken a quick look at one that was sent through to the receipt hub, and I can see this:

Although the images are “inline” (or rather, embedded), they’re processed by the mail server as attachments

I have the same issue but have now got used to just selecting all the message body and deleting before I send to receipts@quickfile