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Receipt Hub, Cam Scanner, Drop Box

I appreciate your potential help but unless you have validated answers, knowledge and solutions please don’t respond with guesses, I can hypothesise for myself.
It’s always worked fine but my receipt hub is not completing/ ‘pulling through’.
I have run my own testing and the issue lies between ‘Cam Scanner’ and the dropbox / quickfile folder…Has there been any changes in the last 6 months between camscanner sharing with drop box?
I only use camscanner and drop box as QF originally suggested this route to uploading receipts.
thank you.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

There haven’t been any changes here. Are the files definitely being uploaded to Dropbox?

A quick way to check is to go to Dropbox.com, navigate to the folder (Apps/Quick File Receipts) and see if they appear there.

Thanks Mathew for your reply, yes I can go to Drop box and upload photos into apps/ QF file receipts and then take them into receipt hub so it’s defiantly a breakdown between camscanner and dropbox. I have reinstalled, checked emails and updated the apps. I’ll preserver, just wanted to make sure it was my camscanner app settings not a global change between camscanner and dropbox.


Update the best solution was to drop cam scanner altogether
(it is so advert heavy (time delayed ads now) and adds watermarks to all scans, or you have to pay £40 something a year to not have ads and watermarks.)
And to simply scan documents within the dropbox app for free and ad free, much quicker.

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