Receipt Hub - Dropbox Synchronisation

I have scanned a JPEG and also a PDF into dropbox.

The JPEG is shown within seconds in the receipt HUB but the PDF is not displaying. Is there a way to force the synchronisation?

Also once within receipt hub do I need to keep the imported folder on dropbox ?

Hi @gbhec

In your Dropbox settings (Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Dropbox integration), you will see a “Poll Dropbox now” button.

However, when you add a new file to Dropbox, they tell QuickFile about it, and we usually grab the file within a few minutes.

You don’t need to, but I would recommend keeping a copy somewhere, just as a fail safe

Thank you. For some reason nothing for 1 hr but the poll now worked.

So do scanned receipts get backed up as part of the regular Dropbox backup or do you need the imported file as well?

You don’t need the imported folder. All this is used for, is for us to move the files into once we’ve imported them. We don’t remove it, we simply move it for you to still retain a copy as well as having one on your account.

The backup to Dropbox option only includes account data, not files. But you can request a copy of all the files on your account by following this guide, if you wish to do so:

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