Receipt hub full screen image

Appologies if this is the wrong place but a little tweak I think would make the receipt hub easier to use.

At the moment for large receipts (A4) it’s very hard to see and while there are zoom buttons I’ve found on different machines these don’t always appear. This could be due to the version of Adobe installed according to:

In the document manager you can click the file to open full screen:

However in the receipt hub you are limited to the little window. Would it be possible when viewing a receipt in the receipt hub to have a link to open full screen akin to the document manager? This would enable the use of easy side by side windows on most platforms and make it all much easier to read.


The way PDFs are displayed on the web is dictated by your PDF plugin (in most cases Adobe Reader).

What we could do to achieved what you are looking for is to just append a small link to the file below the preview, this will redirect to the PDF and your browser will either show it in a preview window or download it.

That would be ideal and exactly what I was requesting, thank you @Glenn :slight_smile:

In the receipt preview header we’ve made a small clickable link that will open the PDF in a new browser tab.

Hope that helps!


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