Receipt Hub grouping

Hi Glenn,
I find the receipt hub a little daunting sometimes, especially at VAT Return time. Sometimes I’ll go through al the receipts, but want to file them for later, as I’m not always sure whether I’ve done that particular receipt previously or not (it could be a duplicate scan etc).

So, what about a way of tagging or grouping scans so that similar receipt types can be collated and dealt with together? This would be similar to the Document manager, but instead the user can create and delete tags as they become necessary or redundant.

The group tags should only remain active whilst the receipt has a status of UNTAGGED. As soon as one tags the receipt it should lose it’s group tag… otherwise users will eventually find they’ve got another filing system to manage, which is not necessary.

The group tags can be set from the Receipt Detail page only (not the hub list), and the method of tagging should be like that of tagging emails in Gmail.

When flicking through receipts on the Receipt Detail page, the order of viewing should be first by Group Tag name, so that all Group Tag items can be viewed one-after-the-other.

Have you tried inline editing the names on the receipts?

You could prefix them with your own codes then use the search to isolate them later.

Thanks Glen,
Strangely you and I had the same idea, although this didn’t work for me because often the filenames do not reflect the origin of the receipt, and I found it very difficult to remember the tag names that I already created.

However, if we explore your idea little further, perhaps a simple system could be employed like so…

On the receipt detail page they could be a link to a typical pop-up box which simply lists the tags have already been created, (much like to Gmail checking system). Upon selecting a tag name the tag name could be prepended to the file name so that when one goes back to the receipt hub the file name reflects the change and a search such as the one you mention could be implemented.

I guess we’d have to have a tag manager somewhere so that we could delete redundant tags.

When viewing the receipt details page the sort order could be done in such a way as to work alphabetically so that tagged receipts could be ordered first

In this way I think there will be minimal program changes needed from your end, and I suppose it would mean you wouldn’t have to create another column in the database table to hold and administrate the tag names. Instead you have to create just one table to hold the tag names that the user creates.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is a feature which I will be happy to pay for is a power user. I really want to support you guys and I except that we probably reached the limits when it comes to implementing new features for the unpaid user account.

What about this feature?

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Anything like this would probably go under a power-sub, although right now we have a list of feature requests growing rapidly by the day so we need to focus on those areas that get the most attention.

We’re also rebuilding (modernising) a lot of our codebase at the moment ,so new features will likely be fairly thin over the next 2 months.