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Receipt hub - linking a receipt to a tagged purchase

How do I link an invoice/reciept to an already tagged purchase that I can not untag?

Hi @IhleViolinsLtd

Can I just double check - are you trying to link a document (invoice/receipt) to a purchase invoice that already exists and tagged as paid?


There is no invoice for the purchase at the moment that I can find, However in the bank feed this transaction is tagged. I have just been going through the receipt hub and found the matching receipt, however I do not know how to link it to the transaction. The total amount was not recognised when entered into the receipt hub.

How is the bank transaction tagged at the moment? If you click on the “Tagged” button, you should see further details there

Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 16.02.09.pdf (127.0 KB)

It looks like the transaction is tagged to a journal. Unfortunately you can’t associate documents or receipts to a journal entry, only sales and purchase invoices.

May I ask what the document is? Perhaps there’s another way it could be done?


The document is a pdf of an image of the invoice for this work carried out.

Apologies, I think there’s some confusion here. The journal in your screenshot (which includes a bank transaction), is for a salary payment. Is that the correct bank transaction?


Yes that is correct. The salary was paid after a colleague carried out some one off work, therefore we have an invoice of this work that I was hoping to link to the tagged salary transaction.

So you paid the colleague via paye for work he invoiced for? You can’t tag a receipt to a salary payment.

This raises more questions tho, why was the payment made via paye, and why do you believe its treated as salleried pay and not something else. There could be a logical reason, but I’d rather hear you say why first.

Ah maybe this has been tagged in the wrong category then.

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