Receipt Hub - need back and front of receipt

Sorry if this is a daft question - I have only been using QF for a month though I first played with it last year. I have a receipt for Subsitence from Sainsburys… but they print the date and time on the back. I scanned it with Camscanner but of course it’s two images, the front and the back and now I have two documents in the receipt hub, one that has the amount and detail and the the other showing the date/time. WHat is the best method of tagging these?

You can either upload two files, and tag it to one purchase. Or, with can scanner, once you’ve scanned the one side, you should be able to scan the other before emailing it into the receipt hub, which would keep it as one PDF file

With CamScanner you should send as a PDF, providing you correctly add the back of the receipt to the original (i.e. without creating a new document) it will go as a multi-page PDF.

If you send in image format then they will be sent as individual files.