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I may have missed it but I cannot see the solution.
There are a couple of hundred PDF invoice images fully listed in account by a cash and carry supplier of the client. These were downloaded and copied into receipt bank. However, some of these are spittable as to the account into which post; e.g., some of the invoice into Food and some into Disposables (Kitchen paper etc.).
Receipt Bank seems to allow postings to only one account. Am I correct? These are all cash and carry items so are paid for on the same day for the total amount. If so,can you please suggest the quickest solution for speedy postings ?
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When entering via Receipt Hub it posts to a single line/nominal/VAT rate. You can edit these afterwards, but this would be pretty time consuming for that many purchases. Probably quicker to create all the purchases and then when you go to the receipt hub it will pick up these purchases for linking when you enter the amount.

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