Receipt hub preview on Android devices

When I went to tag my receipt fromy mobile the preview screen was blank then I noticed it was downloading them which is annoying as I like to do tagging on the go to like from the computer

All we do is show the PDF in an iFrame so how your mobile browser handles this we have no control over. So it’s not strictly a bug.

What mobile device are you using? Perhaps there’s a plugin you can install for it to preview embedded PDFs? Otherwise there’s not much we can do here.

Probably want to have some sort of computer person have a look at it for you.

samsung galaxy s4 mini, i am jsut surprised it is download i aint got that problem on any other site i am also using chrome so it supports all teh html5 element you are using

i have already i check it daily as it tech myself and other sites which i use pdfs on display on screen and the fact i am using chrome means it supports all the site uses for html5

It’s nothing to do with HTML 5 and the other sites you say work fine were probably not embedding PDFs. Whenever a browser displays a PDF document in a web page it relies on a 3rd party component (typically Adobe Reader) to render the PDF (there’s a related stackoverflow post here).

Hi Glenn,

The point is i do have a plugin for chrome and do have program to open the pdf, it just not displaying in the iframe, i will need to check but i am sure iframe is html5 feature hence why i am saying chrome is compliant with it, its not a big deal just be nice to do it on the go, but to add to this on the computer this morning when trying to view one of the pdf it came up blank so not sure why it doing that.

apologise iframe has been in since html 4.01 just be improved in html 5, stupidly i thought because frames was dropped in hmtl 5 that iframe was it replacement.

I agree it would be nice if we can get this working. We have a few possible hacky methods we can use to get this working as intended across all browsers. We’ll look into this further today, time permitting.

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No rush on it glenn i can do it form teh pc at home just started using the feature of hub more now and adding stuff when out and about