Receipt hub purchase invoice description length

I’m finding that the description field is too short when creating a new purchase invoice via the receipt hub. It is possible to go to the purchase invoice afterwards and edit the description field which accepts a longer length but that means that the field restrictions in the receipt hub are tighter than they should be as they should be consistent.

Many thanks for looking at this.

Hi Richard,

The main reason for the length is because the receipt hub is supposed to be a fast and easy way to input your data into QuickFile, with the backing document there to provide more context and detail.

We can certainly consider increasing the maximum length here, so I’ve converted this to a feature request for the moment and will monitor the interest in this going forward.

That’s true but in restricting that field it’s taking me a lot longer as I have to retrospectively find the purchase invoice and edit it. If the field length were longer I guess it’s then user choice if they enter a little to be quick or more information.

In my case it’s 5-6 characters I’ve been short of consistently so it’s not a big increase I’m looking for.



The naming convention I use for scanned documents is by using the Quickfile generated number (I scan all purchase documents an use Receipt Hub to attach to the QF Purchase record)

Eg naming convention

Invoices #002002
Purchase QF00903

I then file by the Invoice or QF Purchase number. If I want to see the income or payment of a particular client/customer I simply look in Quickfile.

If I want to find the original document I simply look up the invoice/QF purchase ref to find the original document. All documents are stored in number sequence using the invoice/QF purchase reference number.

This ensures all scanned documents have a unique number.

Just to mention I write the QF code on ALl purchase documents scanned

Eg receive a Rent Bill, I write code ,QF00905 on the purchase invoice. Then file purchased using the QF purchase code

File in QF order Eg

Use Quickfile to look up any supplier activity. If really required (normally the scan will be fine), can easily find document by QF number.

Good tips but your use case is different to mine. I use a file naming convention relating to each project. I need to be able to attach expense receipts to client invoices and when I use QF to attach an existing scanned receipt I can only find them by name so using the project code for this makes it much quicker.

The issue I’m discussing above is related but to do with the description field on the purchase invoice, which I try and match to the scanned filename.

Are you using Project Tags? You could Project Tag invoices & expenses under one Project heading?

Then the various expenses (and invoices) are listed under that project.

I’ve just checked and you can attach copies of the scanned purchase payment to an invoice.

If you use Project Tags to name the various projects, this acts as a container for both receipts and payments. The added advantage is that you can see the profitability of each project.

As Quickfile generates a purchase receipt number for you, it means you have a consistent naming system.


Thank-you. I do attach scanned receipts to an invoice but at the point you do this you can only find/search for the file using its name (and not a project tag). I therefore put the project tag name into the filename so that I can find it to attach.

I also use QF project tags to tag invoices and purchase invoices but it doesn’t assist with the issue I created this post for.


I’ve found a workaround to this which may assist others suffering the same issue:

  1. In the browser right click on the description field and select “inspect element”
  2. The HTML code should appear showing the part that generates the description field including the maxlengh restriction. It was set at 30. I only needed a few extra characters so set it to 40 but @Glenn can probably advise as to the field length in the database which would be the absolute max.

I’ve highlighed the change below:

I hope that helps someone :slight_smile:

@u4h37u the 30 character restriction here coincides with a short description field in our database, this is sometimes referred to as the “invoice name”. What you’re suggesting will work fine as long as you don’t mind the invoice name field being truncated.

You can always simply rename your purchase invoice from the main list if this is a problem.


I have no objection to this character limit being extended up to 250 characters and replaced with a text area, if that’s helpful?

Sorry for my delayed reply, I’ve been away. I would find the character limit extension very helpful, thank you.


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This is now on our project planner and should be ready in the next week.

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Yes please :slight_smile:


As long as the conversion to text area doesn’t break keyboard navigation and you can still navigate from this field to the next one using the tab key.

That should be fine Ian.

We have now extended the Receipt Hub description field so you can enter a more detailed description.


The new limit should be around 1,000 characters.

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Thank you! That’s amazing!

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Brilliant, works prefectly and saves a lot of time.

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