Receipt Hub - receipt in USD, but transaction in bank statement in GBP

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is there a quick way to attach a bunch of receipts in Receipt Hub (which all show $20.00) to their equivalent transactions on my current account (which is been charged in GBP)?

The issue is that due to bank foreign exchange rates, the amount charged to my UK bank account is slightly different every month, so there is no easy way to tell which Receipt is to be tagged to which transaction.

I could do it the long way around - by going into each individual Purchase Order and manually attaching a copy of the receipt…but this would take me ages for all the many transactions i have.

Many thanks

Hi @indypanesar

I’m afraid not, because of the difference in currency.

Typically you would create the transaction in their currency ($ in this case), and log a payment from the purchase invoice itself which would create the corresponding GBP transaction for you. But by entering it as $20.00 into the system you should be able to tag them fairly quickly from the receipt hub at that value.

It can be a bit tricky when it comes to foreign currencies unfortunately.

Thanks for reply!

How do i do this? I can only create purchase order in £GBP

If you want to create sales invoices, estimates, purchase invoices or purchase orders in other currencies, you would need to enable it by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Multi-currency settings

However, you can’t currently attach documents to Purchase Orders, but you can to Purchase Invoices.

You may also find this guide useful:

Perfect! Thanks very much! all clear.
(PS: I meant purchase invoice, not purchase order!)

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