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Receipt Hub - Set default bank account

When processing receipts through the receipt hub; most receipts have already been created via bank tagging rules, so the only receipts that are created on the hoof are cash receipts, but when coming to pay a new purchase within the hub the bank accounts are arranged alphabetically, so Cash on Hand is hidden rather the default.

Is it possible to arrange the bank accounts in the dropdown list so that “Cash on Hand” is at the top of the list?

I don’t think we can control the order although it may be possible to use some custom script to have the cash account automatically selected. If that works for you I can post an example.

sounds like that would do the trick, have a go kid waiting on your sample

fixed by renaming bank accounts that started with A,B or C so Cash on Hand now appears first. Not so easy if you bank with BOS or Barclays

Ah OK, glad you found a solution.

This also works if you set it up in your custom scripts:

$(".page-receipts-detail #dropBankAccount").val("1230-GBP").attr("selected", "selected");

Just replace 1230 with your desired nominal code, and ensure the currency is correct for the account.