Receipt hub tagging button stopped working

I went to tag a receipt as I do regularly by clicking on the button on the right “tag me” but instead of the familiar screen with image of the receipt on the left, I now get a PDF editor showing the receipt, but no opportunity to tag it. Something seems to have gone wrong with the software? I am just doing what I always do. Can anyone help?

Edit: I used a different browser, and it worked ok. Seems to have maybe been something to do with changing my settings with regard to the pdf reader extension “Lumin” in Chrome. I will try to figure how to reverse that change now.

Indeed - all QuickFile does in the receipt hub is to ask your browser to display the receipt file in an iframe beside the data entry fields. How your browser chooses to render this is up to the browser, and it sounds like yours is set up to open all pdf files in a new window rather than display them inline.

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