Receipt Hub Tagging/Receipt Creation Error

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I think I may have broken it! Not sure if it is related to the fast tag mode but I haven’t managed to make it do this before.

I tagged a couple of receipts earlier, I started at the top of the list, so tagged the newest one first. I then clicked create new purchase after filling in the details, this just sent me back to the same receipt and asked me to enter the details again so I skipped it and did the next one.

Now I seem to have the receipt in the receipt hub saying it is untagged but the purchase order has the scan attached. Obviously something happened after I clicked ‘create new purchase’ that shouldn’t have. I can easily delete and recreate the purchases and retag the receipts but I have left it alone for now so you can see what happened.

I’ve passed this on to the developer who was working on this feature. Will let you know what they come back with.


One thing we noticed is that the paging buttons are not preserving the fast-tag mode. This has been fixed in our code and will be deployed in a few days. We haven’t been able to replicate the precise problem you initially described although we did see a way in which some steps could be consolidated. Without going into to much technical detail, we will look at rewriting some of the code here to be a little more efficient.

Thanks Glenn. I’ll delete and retag these entries and keep an eye on it for now.

Seems to have done the same thing again.

I tagged the top one in the list in the receipt hub, this seemed to go OK then it jumped to the last one in the list of untagged entries and when I click ‘create purchase’ to continue after entering the details it showed me the same one again.

Now it shows me the 2 purchases in the purchase management screen but still shows them as untagged in the receipt hub so something is not right.

We fixed this is in the code last week but haven’t yet deployed to the live system. We’ve had a stack of other updates that we’ve had to test but hopefully the fix will go live tomorrow afternoon.

Excellent. Thanks for the update.

No problem! Just to let you know the update has been deployed. Let me know if you have any further difficulties here.

All working fine now. Many thanks Glenn.

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