Receipt Hub taking a while

We’re finally getting around to emailing our receipt hub files back in, and have just submitted 49, all in PDF form.

5 Have appeared in the receipt hub, but the rest aren’t there? Email was sent 20 minutes ago - just wanted to make sure that they will eventually appear before resending the email.

Thanks in advance

Let me check this for you! It shouldn’t take this long as the Receipts inbox is polled every few minutes.

Are you attaching them all to one email? The inbox will only process a max of 5 attachments per email but I would recommend sending them as they were originally sent. You could also try using Dropbox.

Within your email client you should be able to search all email sent to and do a bulk forward.

Ah! Didn’t realise there was a max. 5 limit

I think they were all originally uploaded as we went along to the purchase, rather than through receipt hub.

May give Dropbox a go then! Thanks @Glenn

Let me know when you’ve got them in the Receipt Hub untagged, I will match them up to where they were before.

Thanks Glenn! There’s 180 there, not sure how many are missing, but that should be a good bulk of them!

Thank you once again!

I have matched 145 Items using the tool. 35 were left untagged, I’ll run a few test shortly to see why these other ones didn’t match, it could be that either they weren’t tagged before or they are using a generic file name which was used multiple times and attached to different receipts.

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That’s great - thank you Glenn. I notice there’s still 31 there, did you have any luck with these at all?

Actually, they’re looking into this at our end - we should be able to tag those. You’ve been a great help, as always!

I’m very sorry, I’ve not had a chance! If you’re short on time I’m happy to revisit this later this afternoon.

No problem - there’s not many left in the receipt hub, so we’re happy to plod on through them ourselves.

Thank you for the offer though - much appreciated!

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