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Receipt not finding matching amount in the bank?

maybe i’m getting this wrong, but i scanned a fuel receipt using the app which landed ok in the receipt section, then once the payment showed in the bank i went to tag it, but it said no matching records found?

what am i doing wrong? do i just put the fuel down in the bank under something else not on this list and ignore the receipt? surely i don’t need to create a purchase invoice for fuel?

so to be clearer, paid for fuel on business debit card, got till receipt, used app to photo said receipt and send to quickfile. a day or so later the fuel charge shows up in my bank feed.

how do i link the receipt to the transaction in the bank feed?

Have you tried selecting, pay down multiple invoices, then finding the supplier name you gave the receipt and checking for it that way?

so it seems you can’t link the receipt directly to the payment, you have to create an invoice for it.

this is all a bit complicated. the lack of a cash based reporting and over complicated receipt tagging, I think i’m gonna stick it out with wave.

thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I don’t use receipt scanning so I can’t comment, but I’m pretty sure you can create the invoice at the time you upload the receipt, or it reads the receipt for you and creates one. You then tag the payment to it.

Correct. When you upload the receipt to the hub you can create a purchase for that receipt but leave it unpaid. Then when the payment arrives in your bank account a few days later tag it as “payment to a supplier” and it should offer the purchase with a matching amount. Select that purchase and it will be marked as paid.

I’m still learning on this too but think it’s worth a little time before abandoning it. I’ve found it’s easiest to upload the receipt (as you’ve done) then when it appears in the bank feed go back to the receipt hub and click the receipt, enter the amount, fill in the details and then tick the “It’s been paid” button, QF then askes you which bank account paid it and then assuming QF finds a matching amount it offers up the bank transaction which you then click and it’s sorted.

TBH it’s NOT super slick but it does work and I think there could be some more dev work done here. In an ideal world QF would scan the receipt when it’s uploaded and pull out the major fields (like Expensify does) and then next time you logged into QF it would offer up a list of matching amounts in your bank accounts for you to do the tagging etc; perhaps this is a journey but to me that would be the goal.

That seems a bit more of a complex/error prone way of doing it than just entering everything via receipt hub then simply tagging everything from the bank account. You’re not toing and froing then either. Can also create receipts from untagged entries in the bank and then entries get matched automatically when you enter the amount in receipt hub.

I’m sure that works for you and I’m keen to learn. My challenge with doing it as you describe is that unless you go through manually entering all the receipt details first it never matches up to a bank transaction so I found it easier to wait for the bank transaction to appear and then complete the receipt details which then match up - as I say a new user and keen to learn

Yes you need to enter the date and amount so it knows when and for how much the transaction it is searching for is.

Problem I find with doing it your way is if you do it at the wrong time or have an error in your date/amount you end up creating a new transaction which will throw your balance off and mean your account is unreconciled. I have never need to reconcile any of my accounts as I do not interfere with the transactions on the feed.

You have to create the receipt in the receipt hub exactly the same way whichever way you do it, except for not ticking the box, but you cannot get yourself in a mess by not creating transactions. I’m not saying my way is the only or best way, but I have never needed to reconcile or fix the bank accounts in the 8 or so years I have been using Quickfile.

Thanks for that, it sounds more sensible than my way, I’ll give it a try. Thanks and apprecaited

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