Receipt scans - iPhone

I am missing many receipts, I understand there was a problem on quickfile, how do I fix this? They are missing from my account, most were scanned in using the app on iphone. How do I get them back without having to scan them in again which will take a lot of time. Thank you.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no easy way to get the scans on the iPhone app back into Quick File and matched up. We are currently looking for an iOS developer to extend the functionality on the iOS app so that all scans on the app can be uploaded in bulk, unfortunately we have yet to find anyone who can work with the source code our previous developer left us with and the quotes we have been given to update the iOS app for iOS 7 have been hugely cost prohibitive.

At this stage I would not recommend that you embark on manually uploading and re-matching the scans. As long as you can evidence them later if needed that will be sufficient.

Since we encountered this problem back in March we have done a great deal to strengthen our document scan backup and restore system. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused but I am confident we now have a very robust system in place to prevent this from happening again.

I’ve found a workaround today which allowed me to transfer all my old receipts without having to email in each one individually.

iExplore is a Windows/Mac app that connects to your iPhone and makes it viewable like a USB drive. There’s a paid version, but I found the free version does the job just fine. Once installed, you now need to launch and search for the receipt images. Search under Apps on the left tab -once you locate the Quickfile app and double click on it, you will see the file structure open up. Your receipts are in a folder called “Documents” filed under your account name, Open this folder and there are all your images.

Then all you need to do is select all your missing images and right click to select “Export to Folder” and then locate the Quickfile receipts folder that you have set up in Dropbox. A few minutes later all your missing receipts will show up in your Receipts Hub.

Unfortunately, the Automatic retagging tool that Quickfile provided doesn’t seem to work here (I assume the file names are altered) so you will need to tag each receipt individually. But at least it means my receipts are back in the Quickfile cloud again (good news in case I lose my iPhone).

Hope this helps others

Thank you for posting this, I think it solves one of the major problems recovering the receipts from the iPhone app (getting the scans off the device). The existing retag tool unfortunately won’t work as there’s some additional step on our side that converts a series of jpeg images to a single PDF.

I think possibly we can still solve this, with another custom tool. I can see all the images in the document management area. I will have our engineer review this to see if we can link them a different way. Please leave this with me for now.

Have you manually retagged everything? I could only see one untagged enty.

Hi Glenn - yes I retagged them all. Slightly painful but at least they are all in one place again now :slight_smile:

Hi Glenn
So are you saying all all the receipts are missing as I can see as far back from June 2012? All my purchase receipts are missing, will I have lost all those scans? If you can help this would appreciated. My dropbox has also stopped working as well with quickfile.

Yes regrettably these receipts were affected. We published a full explanation of what happened here and have since done a great deal of work to improve our backup and restore procedures.

I am more than happy to help you were I can. I wouldn’t recommend investing a huge amount of time to re-matching the receipts, but there are certain tools we can use to assist you.

I will send you a PM to discuss further.