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Receive Purchase Orders from Clients and Report against them

Quickfile: as requested see below:

Please include the ability to
a) Add purchase orders (“POs”) from clients
b) ability to add and associate PO numbers to invoices
c) allow reports of i) POs; ii) PO amounts; ii) amount invoiced and associated invoices; iii) remaining PO amounts

Thank you for your suggestion @svimes.

We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their support and comments, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates here.

Would love to see if this is on your roadmap. I am surprised that people in service industries are not asking for this - normally we get a PO which we then bill against.

Also having a receipt hub but for the POs would also be good.

You could probably get close to this by using project tags and the document manager (accessible via the Receipt Hub).

Sure - but would like to see it on the roadmap. Also is it easy to get report of spend by supplier by period?

Hi @svimes

If you go to your suppliers list, you can do an Advanced Search, which includes allows you to specify a date range and list total invoices and total paid

Thanks - I should have been clearer and said “with breakdown”. Also issue with that approach is if you have more then 50 lines you need to export them page by page. I used the nominal ledger report and then had to parse the data to extract what i needed.

Quickfle is great but I would say i find it a bit peculiar how some of the data is displayed/joined, eg go to P&L, go to a line and hit detail and you just get a list Purchase invoice QF0001; Purchase invoice QF0002; Purchase invoice QF0003 and have to click individuality into each to see what it is

There’s basically 2 parts to Quickfile, the accounting side (the nominals) and the UI side, which is the detailed breakdowns/invoices etc.

It’s pretty simple to pull the data in from nominals (along with a simple reference, like the QF00001 etc) but it’s a lot more work to actually pull in all that additional data and pretty it all up/display it nicely.