Reconcile QF (paypal acct) with Paypal reports

I import all my paypal transactions into my QF paypal account via the bank feeds. The result are a nice record of money in and money out. Even I can follow that. However, to check that no entries have been missed by the bank feed, I download an activity report from paypal and do a comparison. This is tedious as paypal reports show things like, General Credit Card Deposit, Express Checkout Payment, Pre-approved Payment Bill User Payment, etc. How can I simplify these paypal reports into as simple one in, one out transaction just like the QF account?




Here is how to reconcile your bank fed Paypal account in Quickfile with a downloaded Paypal activities report, to ensure the bank feed has not missed any entries.

  1. Download the “All Transactions” paypal activity report for the date range you are checking, as a CSV file

  2. Import the CSV file into your favourite spreadsheet programme.

  3. Ensure you ‘tell’ the programme that the first field is a ‘date’ field

  4. Delete all non-GBP entries

  5. Delete all “General authorisation” entries

  6. Save the spreadsheet.

Now the resulting spreadsheet will match your QF paypal account

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