Reconciled and Unreconciled Account Views

Hi Is there a way to view your Banks Accounts screen Showing only reconciled or un-reconciled amounts.

Here is my reason.

Because we run a BACS payment with multiple suppliers every month and schedule that payment approx. 10 day in advance we have to use a “BACS PAYMENT HOLDING ACCOUNT” to show what we are paying in the future as QF does not allow future date postings.
When we come to the reconcile our down our bank statement we transfer the BACS payment to the “BACS PAYMENT HOLDING ACCOUNT”
I now want to view the “BACS PAYMENT HOLDING ACCOUNT” showing me only the remaining payments that we are waiting for in the future.

31/10/18 BACS from Current Account - £355
20/10/18 Supplier A - £123
20/10/18 Supplier B - £132
20/10/18 Supplier C - £100
20/10/18 Supplier D- £10,000
08/10/18 VAT RETURN (coming out on the 12th Nov18 - £5000

I want to only see the un-reconciled amounts,
20/10/18 Supplier D- £10,000
08/10/18 VAT RETURN (coming out on the 12th Nov18 - £5000


Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

This isn’t possible at the moment as we don’t save whether a transaction has been reconciled or not.

Although, I just want to understand the situation a bit better if I can, and hopefully we can make a suggestion to make this work for you?

So at the moment, when the BACS payment leaves your bank account, you’re tagging this as a transfer to the BACS Holding account - is that right? Then, when it clears, you’re tagging this to the supplier invoice(s)?


We are doing this before the BACS Payment leaves the account and are having to this because we cannot do future payments on QF.

Our full proceedure is as follows:-

Before the end of each month (say the 20th), we create a report as per below, (this is a feature requested back in Sept18, hopefully this will be sorted soon?)

From this we decide which suppliers to pay and how much.
We then enter the amounts on a multiple BACS payment within our Online Bank,
and set payment for end of month(this can be a couple of weeks in advance).

On our bank statment this generates one total BACS payment amount,
even though it goes to multiple suppliers.
This total amount will appear on our bank statment on the day the BACS payment comes out,
(which is in the future), ie end of month.

As I understand this, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but to facilitate this in QF,
On the 20th in the purchase legder we mark our chosen supplier invoices as paid , but payment is transfered from the “BACS HOLDING ACCOUNT”

At this point we can see the “BACS HOLDING ACCOUNT” tells us all our future payment commitments.

Now in the Future, the end of Month we recieve a Bank Statement with the BACS payment on it dated the day it came out of the account.

We enter the BACS Payment amount and date in to the Current account on QF,
We then Tag this as Transfer to “BACS HOLDING ACCOUNT”.

So now the Balance in the “BACS HOLDING ACCOUNT” is reduced by this amount and we see in the account the corresponding transfer from Current Account.
We also see our new outstanding future payment liability, in this case our VAT which will come out on the 12th Nov18

As you can appreciate this list will get very long.
What we want to see is “unreconciled amounts” or as per Sales/Purchase, outstanding invoices/outstanding purchases.
(an actual taging reconciled then a simple view reconciled/unreconciled button would do the job in all the bank accounts?)

Can this be done?
Is our working procedure correct?
Can you suggest another method?


Hi Chris,

What you’ve outlined above seems fine to me.

If you are looking just for a list of outstanding purchases (e.g. those not yet settled in full), then a list can be found by going to Purchases >> Outstanding Purchases, or just click the Money you owe on the main dashboard.

This shows every invoice that may be unpaid, either partly or in full.

There isn’t a way to specifically mark a payment or invoice as “reconciled” unfortunately.

With things like the VAT liability, this would show up on your balance sheet once your VAT return has been saved on the account, although I appreciate this doesn’t allow you to see when the payment will be leaving.

Thanks for reply.
I suppose you have highlighted my point, “outstanding Purchases”, I guess the code for this would do the same thing if applied to other accounts such as bank accounts.
I’m finding it a bit strange why there is not globe functioning throughout all accounts/ledgers for common operations because no matter if its your bank statement management, sales invoice management, purchase invoice management, they at some point may need to be viewed or sorted or filtered?

For example,
As above
Also Purchase management can’t sort by supplier, but sale management you can sort by client?

May be this could be reviewed by the development team?
Also do you know if you can get the “Export Batch Payment List, Detailed breakdown by supplier” sorted as per above, it would help us a lot, as its not in alphabetical accenting order and user tags aren’t present etc?

Kindest Regards

I will certainly pass your feedback on to our development team.

Regarding the report, we’re happy to consider any feature suggestions, and happy to investigate the feasibility of them if there’s sufficient interest from within the community. If you’ve posted this elsewhere in the #feature category, then we’ll keep you updated on the progress there.

Thanks for that.
Is there anyway we can export custom data directly ourselves to create these report options?
i.e. API, html, etc. ?

Also is there an offline package we can run on our NAS/Server to upload our backup data to?


We do offer an API which supports both XML and JSON. There’s more information here:

QuickFile is completely cloud based, so unfortunately there isn’t an offline version.

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