Reconciling account

I’ve a quick query which is really confusing me at the moment.

I’ve just reconciled a client’s account and all credits/debits up to today have been input. I’ve reconciled the account with the bank statement and it is telling me that the account balances perfectly.

However, the balance on the paper bank statement and on the account in QF is showing a difference of £67.13! The bank statement which the account is ‘supposedly’ reconciling with is £44573.87. The actual balance showing in the bank management page is £44512.14. How then can it be balancing? Any one able to advise?

I’ve gone back to a different reconciled date and checked all payments in/out of the account are correct but still can’t find the £67.13.


Is the opening balance correct?

Can you trace the balance back to a date where it matches your bank statement, you then just need to go forward month on month until you locate the date upon which the balance goes out.

In most cases I’ve seen this tends to occur when an invoice has been paid manually, on top of already uploading the statement to your bank.