Reconciling Bank and Gocardless fees and petty cash


I have a few related questions as follows;

  1. How do you reconcile/tag Business Bank Account monthly charge fees and interest fees? I have all these £6 charges but don’t know where to allocate them?

  2. Gocardless - how do you reconcile the ‘payments received’ and separately the ‘fees’ charged against the ‘payments’?

  3. Petty Cash - E.G. We pay in weekly cash received as room rent, which can be for example £250 - if I wanted to take £50 from this to put into our petty cash tin, it would leave £200 to pay in as room rent fees, how do I then reconcile this on QuickFile? Effectively I need to reconcile £250 against room rent paid in but only have £200 paid, and £50 missing, as gone to cash tin?


Hi ej2012
Please read your other thread