Reconciling Payments with Stripe

When payments come via Stripe, they don’t include the payee details or reference. When they are individual payments, this is recognised, but where multiple payments may be in a payment, it seems impossible to reconcile?

For example we have a payment of £2635.8, which has no corresponding invoice, so must be a collection of payments.

How can we determine who has made this payment and for which invoices.


Hi @alisonmindflick

How are these invoices paid? Are they paid through QuickFile, or through another method (e.g. through Stripe directly, or on your own website)?

Hi, it’s the ones where people are paying directly to Stripe…

If they are paying directly through stripe then you may be able to search the ID brought through to QuickFile on your Stripe account to get some more information.

Sometimes your customers may be given a choice to add a reference so it may be an idea to ask them that if they are asked to add something to help you reconcile.

Are you using another system to issue invoices? It may also be worth setting up a generic client for Stripe payments so that you can bulk tag them?

If the clients pay using the link from your invoice then when the payment comes through it will give you the invoice reference - might also be worth asking clients whether they could use this method over paying directly?

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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