Reconciling Paypal tags to Projects

Hi, I have an automated bank feed from Paypal and I tag each transaction with a project name within the Paypal account. But – it seems that the Paypal transactions do not appear when I create a project report. Is this the case and if so, how can I see all the transactions across accounts for a project?

Hi @LiveWild

The project tags themselves should show all invoices (sales and purchases), purchase orders, estimates and credit notes. It doesn’t show payments and unfortunately a project tag can’t be applied to a single transaction.

This doesn’t appear to be the case as I have applied project tags to transactions in Quickfile to my PayPal account.

My issue is that when I click on Project Reports, then an individual project and look at Sales, for example, the transactions for our bank account are displayed, but not those for the Paypal account. How can I rectify this, or see both my bank account transactions and my Paypal account transactions for one project elsewhere?

Just to confirm, are these the project tags viewable by going to Reports >> Projects, or by clicking a little yellow tag in the top left of an invoice? Bank transactions (including PayPal) cannot be tagged to a project, but invoices and the other documents mentioned above can.

Perhaps you have purchase and sales invoices attached to the bank transactions?

Yes, these are viewable by going to Reports >> Projects. All my transactions in both bank and PayPal accounts are attached to purchases and sales invoices.

To be clear, I want to see all tagged transactions for a project, from all accounts. Surely that is possible somewhere?

Viewing the actual transactions for a project isn’t possible I’m afraid. You can only view the items directly tagged to the project itself (invoices, estimates etc.).

We can certainly consider this and you’re welcome to start a request in the #feature category if you like? We’ll monitor the thread and take a look at how feasible it would be, if there’s enough interest from the community.

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