Recording deposits


I’m a wedding DJ and take payments, by way of deposits for advance bookings . Sometimes these are for weddings in the following tax year. How should I record these in Quickfile?

Thanks in advance


Once you get money in advance, tag them to 2102 Other Creditors and once job done move them to Income account

There’s another way you can use which will deposit the money to the client account so that later you can raise the invoice and pay it with the credit…here’s how:

  1. Find the money coming in on the bank and click to tag. Select the option ‘Payment from a customer’.

  1. Select the option to ‘Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account’ (It’s the latter you’re interested in).

  1. Enter the client name then you will see the following screen. Select the last option:

  1. Now the money has been pegged to the client. If you go to that client detail screen you will see the credit:

  1. Now when you go to raise an invoice for this client in the future, when logging the payment you will see the option to pay from credit.

Hope that helps!

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