Recording eBay Voucher Credit (Nectar Points)

I had a voucher of £22.50 towards a purchase on eBay. This shows on my PayPal account as “payment from eBay International AG”. How do I account for this as it will not allow me to tag it as a refund from a supplier. Thanks.

Hi @jeremygadd

What’s the nature of the voucher? Was it used against a purchase? Was it a goodwill voucher, or a special offer etc.?

It was my Nectar card points converted to eBay credit. I paid for an item that was £87.50 - £65 came from my bank account and £22.50 from the voucher

This topic may be useful:

I hope that helps, but if not - please let me know :slight_smile:

So as a Sole Trader I just tagged it as transfer from Proprietor Account. I assume that’s right.

If the Nectar Card is registered to you personally (you can get a Nectar Card for the business, even for Sole Traders I believe), tagging it as part paid from the Proprietor’s Account would be correct.

Although I’m not an accountant so it’s always worth double checking :wink:

Thanks. Yes personal card.

Then I believe the Proprietor’s account would be correct.

Hope that helps, but please do let me know if you require anything else!