Recording VAT calculations

Presently tagged VAT payments can’t have a file associated with them. It would be really useful if I could upload the calculations as a document for future reference - especially for my accountant.

I did not submit vat through quickfile, I did it through the HMRC website having made some adjustments for margin scheme. - Perhaps this is my error??

Payments can’t have files associated to them. The invoice that the payment is attached to can however have attached files, would it not be possible to attach your document to the parent invoice?

You can also upload documents to the Document Management area in QuickFile. You can file it under a few different preset folders.

When you file a VAT return in QF you can also apply manual adjustments to the boxes before submitting.

And when you do this the URL to the uploaded document is stable - it looks like[accountnumber]/[folder]/[documentname].pdf, so you can right click on the link in the document manager, copy link location, and add the URL as a note on the bank transaction (or anywhere else).