Recover Password

Hi. I have lost the password to one of the Quickfile companies that I manage. I can still access the company via my Affinity dashboard but need to recover or reset the administrator password to access the company Quickfiles directly. Any advice would be appreciated. Stephen

Hi @Jacky

If you know the URL and the email address that is registered as the Admin and as long as you still have access to that email address then you can simply click the forgotten password link and follow the instructions to reset the password.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I still have access to my email but the email assigned to me in the Quickfile company is of the format which is ‘agent email’ I don’t want to do anything that could lock me out via Affinity so am a bit nervous about making changes until I’m completely certain.

Hi @Jacky

So it sounds like the Affinity account is the main admin on the account? That means that you just access through Affinity - there isn’t a way to go in direct other than if you create a separate user on the account and assign them as the admin

I am not sure why the Affinity account is the main admin. The Affinity account is mine and I thought I had added this company to the Affinity account. If I set up myself as a new user administrator, will that affect the others that have access to the company files? Will I be able to use the same email address for Affinity and direct access to the company?
Thanks Stephen

As long as the email address isn’t being used for another QuickFile account then yes you can add yourself as a user

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