Recovering receipts from deleted purchases

I did a big clear up of my GL recently and noticed a number of duplicate purchase entries. This was a result of doing the bank rec and creating a purchase entry but then separately, my secretary scanning in receipts and assigning to a new (rather than existing) purchase entry.

The VAT returns had been processed so the purchase entries created by me couldn’t be deleted but the untagged purchase entries created by my secretary had the receipts attached could. I therefore assumed if I deleted the purchase entry, the receipt would reappear in the receipt hub as needing to be tagged against a transaction. I therefore deleted all the duplicate purchase entries only to find the receipts have not returned to the receipt hub (at least not obviously).

Is there a way to recover those receipts that were attached to the deleted purchases so that I can reassign to the purchase entries created from the bank statements and reconciled to the VAT return?

If you preview the new purchase invoices and scroll down to the bottom there will be an option to upload a file or “Use Existing”.

Here you can search for the file name and reattach to the new purchase invoice.

You can also view any deleted purchases within the Purchase Management screen by clicking the select option “Delete” in the bottom right hand corner.

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