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Recurrent Invoice Generation Time - Request to Change to 00:00

Hi, I’ve read the various posts regarding recurring invoice generation / send times - all are now locked, so I’ve started a new topic.

I would like to propose that recurring invoices are generated overnight, say 00:00-05:00 - I understand that some people don’t like email notifications in the night, however, with the current scheduling there is often a delay; at the start of this month, 01 June 20, it was past midday before our recurring invoices were generated.

  • Bank feeds are updated overnight, without the recurring invoices generating before the start of the business day, we often have to re-visit payments/invoices throughout the day to reconcile / see if any clients are overdue/missing payments

  • Assuming no other overnight/batch jobs are running and that most users work on GMT, running the job at, say, 0100 should be a shorter process than running the task during the day when there’s heavier load on the servers, improving the load and system speed during the day for all users

  • Invoices should/would be ready for the start of the working day

I look forward to hearing your feedback.



In companies that I have worked for the dead hours were used for system updates and backups. However 08:00 does seem late to start the recurring invoices. It does rather suggest to me that when this was set up somebody felt the need to manually check the close of the previous day’s work.

I wouldn’t expect the batch window to start as early as midnight but certainly no later than 05:00 if it can be done without manual intervention.

Today is case in point - I started work at 0730, it’s now 11:35 and still no invoices generated that are scheduled for today - I can see them in the recurring invoice queue - we have received bank credits ready to reconcile that I’ll now need to come back to later.

Please change this to run at midnight / 0500 / whenever, so that they are completed for the start of the working day - thank-you :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Invoices created today at 12:15…

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