Recurring invoice addresses

I have a scenario where the customer address needs to be different for each recurring invoice for the same customer. I have tried simply altering the address, and duplicating the first line- this has worked in some cases but not in others where the generated invoice just seems to ignore how the recurring template was setup. Can anyone share any insight as to how I can get this to work reliably without me having to check each auto generated invoice manually and alter each and every month?

I cannot create different ‘customers’ for each scenario as we get paid by the ‘group’ and I cannot allocate a single payment across multiple customer accounts.

Hi @sean1,

There isn’t a way of doing this that I can see without setting up separate customer accounts.

You could always use a holding account for this client pay the group money in and then pay down the different clients from that holding account?

Thanks for the reply Beth. A holding account isn’t the answer - it would require even more brain power and effort breaking down the payment and then tagging them. The problem I really see is that what I have done by duplicating the top line of the address works in some cases but not others and I cannot tell why that is. I can provide details on a template that works as I need and another of one that doesn’t if anyone at QF is able to review and comment why that might be.

Hi @sean1,

If you send a message to @QFSupport with the details we can certainly try and have a look for you

Do you mean you create an invoice, then use it as a template for a recurring profile, then edit the address on the customer account and create another profile from the same invoice?

What I do for similar scenarios is use comment lines for site addresses etc. There are several requests and feature threads for this so you could add your vote there too if you haven’t already as that would help here too.

My process is a little different so I don’t know if we have the same or similar issues (but I will try to detail below). For me the customer account address is set to something like 100 Church Street, Newport. I have called the customer ‘Invoice Pending’ to be able to alter the name each time.

I then create a recurring invoice where I edit the address so the second line becomes the actual invoiced company name - so as an example I aim to end up with it being - Invoice Pending, ABC Limited, 100 Church Street, Newport

I found that once I created the recurring template I can edit the Client address, I input the Company name in the box above the address and as the first line in the address - and hit save.

In some cases when an invoice is triggered it pulls this information correctly and the invoice as I expect, but in the most cases it simply creates the new invoice missing out what I had changed on the recurring template and seems to just take the master Client name and address from the master account records (so I just end up with Invoice Pending, 100 Church Street, Newport)

I have compared templates from one that works and one that does not but I cannot see how they are different.

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Yeah I can see your logic but I don’t think Quickfile is actually doing anything wrong here, it’s one of those things where it sort of works how you are doing it sometimes but it’s not the official way to do it so if it doesn’t work or changes one day then it’s not really an error or bug.

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