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Recurring invoice Auto-billed - Consolidate to a single email


How do I stop all the “Recurring Invoice auto-billed” notification emails…
…it is more than annoying with over 150 emails at random times throughout 1st of each month.
Please advise


Hi @gjwguk

I’ve asked our development team to look into this. I’ll come back to you shortly.


We’re going to take a look at this shortly. These emails should be consolidated to a single list or include an option to switch off entirely.

We’ll update you when we’ve had a chance to review this.


Thank you - most appreciated


Hi @gjwguk

We have since introduced a consolidated email for new, completed and cancelled Direct Debit requests. These are dispatched at 8 pm each day and have replaced the 1 email per payment that we had used previously.

I hope this keeps your inbox a little more organised, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions on this new format.


Thanks very much for this. Saved receiving all those emails. Just one is perfect.
Could do with the expired category to be included but I think that would be asking too much.


Good to hear :+1:

By expired, I assume you mean the recurring invoices themselves? This email focuses on just the direct debits, including those not attached to a recurring profile.

We could certainly consider adding this. Would you mind posting it as a separate feature request please and we’ll keep an eye on the interest in this?