Recurring Invoice Date Variables Test Tool

Is there a problem with this tool at the moment?

Hi @Storage

We’re not aware of any issues, and it seems to work when I test it.

What issues are you seeing?

I’m trying to create a 4 weekly invoice using the dynamic variable, if i set it to start from today it works,

However id like the next invoice period to run from the 09/05/2017, so i set the start date as the 30/04/2017 with 10 days to pay and it shows this And if i try a random date for example 01/06/2017 it throws up this

Thanks! I’ve replicated this and have reported it to our development team to take a look.

Will keep you posted.

Fab thanks, thought i was going crazy!

Hi @Storage

This should now be fixed. Please can you give it another go and let us know if that works all OK for you?

Hi, Have tried for a few clients and all seems to be working well again, many thanks

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