Recurring invoice email not received by client

I recently set up a recurring invoice. I filled in all the info and activated it. I have checked my account and it is marked as sent but the client didn’t receive it and I had to re-email it the old fashioned way. I suggested my client check her junk email but she definitely didn’t get it. When I sent the first invoice, before setting up the recurring one, she received it into her email inbox without any problem, so it seems strange that the recurring one didn’t get there.

Any help gratefully received.

For your client, do you have multiple contacts? If so, it will send the invoice to the primary contact.

Are you using your own smtp server?

I’m a childminder so only have one contact per client. I’m just sending emails via the website and, if I just send a regular invoice it gets through no problem.

Do you have your own email address (like or which you use for business use?

It may be worth trying that as a set up as this is more reliable. Take a look at this article:

More than happy to help get this set up for you too - feel free to send me a pm :smile:

Thank you. I use yahoo for a dedicated business email. I’m looking into setting it up as you suggested now. If I can’t work it out I will definitely pm you :0)

I think I have it up an running now. Thanks for your help, I didn’t realise it was so easy to set up :slight_smile:

Yahoo have been a bit funny lately (I think this user had a similar issue), the link that @Parker1090 posted will definitely help! Setting up your Yahoo SMTP credentials in Quick File would dramatically improve reliability!

If you need an assistance with that let us know.

Incidentally even though the email didn’t send, did you get any bounced message? Something along the lines of:

Error "554 5.7.9:  Message not accepted for policy reasons"

The invoice was marked as being sent but the client never received it and I didn’t get any notification to say it hadn’t been delivered.

The next automated invoice is due to be sent on Saturday, so we shall see then if my issue has been reolved :slight_smile:

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