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Recurring invoice not sent

Hear hear.

I have a recurring invoice due to go out on 22nd of the month. Today is 23rd and it hasn’t gone out, and I can’t force it. It can cause a serious problem.

You should maybe open a new thread, because your issue has not much to do with this topic.

Actually it has everything to do with it if you think about what I said.

I need a SEND NOW button to ensure I can force a recurring invoice to be generated - whether I use it early or because the invoice is late is irrelevant.

Hi @RGCreative,

I have moved this to a support thread so that it doesn’t distract from the feature that was requested, if your invoice wasn’t sent then we can help look into the reason why it wasn’t sent

It’s support for the feature request and that’s why I put it there. I don’t require support. Can yo please put it back where it belongs. Thank you.

If the invoice hasn’t been sent then we can help with this

When did you create it? Have you activated it?

I’m grateful for the response on this, but I do NOT need assistance. I have solved my own problem. I posted as support for a feature request and this post does NOT belong in the support section to where it was moved.

My irritation with it remaining in this section is growing.

THIS WAS NOT A SUPPORT REQUEST. If it was I would have posted it here. It was acknowledgemernt of the need for a feature that was requested and should have remained as a response to that feature request. Please PUT IT BACK THERE.

Hi @RGCreative

Apologies for any confusion. Naturally, when something isn’t working as expected, we would like to investigate these issues, as was the case with your post.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend adding your vote to the feature request thread by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the page.