Recurring invoice quesitons

We’re considering moving clients over to monthly subscriptions but I have a few questions following some playing around with the setup QuickFile has today.

  1. We wish to always avoid invoicing in August. From what I can see, there are one of two ways to do this;

A) we could do this by setting up a set number of invoices to effectively expire the subscription in July and we pick it up again in September. What state does the profile fall into after the last invoice has been generated/paid? Is it something we can re-enable very easily for multiple clients?

B) we could set up an infinitely recurring profile and pause it after the July payment has been taken. Again, is it something we can re-enable very easily for multiple clients?

  1. I can’t seem to find a way of including a first-payment loading - this is a common feature on many billing platforms it seems but I just can’t see it here. Is this possible? All payments will be taken at the start of the month, and we’d need to add on a joining fee and pro rata fees for the rest of the current month, and we’d like to add this to the first monthly payment when that occurs next month.

  2. To simplify business processes and to align with how things are setup in our CRM, there is a good chance that one client will have multiple recurring invoices. When using GoCardless will all payments be grouped together by default? I can’t see the option for recurring but this is something we have the option for in regular invoicing.

Advice on these scenarios (or any other workarounds/solutions available) is very much appreciated.

By the way, it would be great if recurring payments were possible with Stripe.


Is anyone able to offer any thoughts on any of the above please?

Hi @zappdance,

Sorry that you haven’t had a response. I’m not really sure what to suggest for you. It may be easiest for you to set up a recurring invoice that you then pause for one month for the August period?

With recurring invoices you can also link with Go Cardless which is the direct debit provider, you may find this useful? and with the first payment, you may be best to set up a one off invoice for joining?