Recurring invoice schedule

I have set up recurring invoices for our customers. Yet only some seem to get the invoice by email. I have definitely set up recurring invoices show in the timeline at the bottom of the profile it shows as a on recurring that has been referenced from a recurring.

This is a significant problem for our business.

Is there no number I can phone to speak this through with a person.


Hi @Kiri_Mosi_Stone

A couple of questions:
Do you have any examples of this (eg recurring invoice profile number)?
What start dates have you set up?
Do you have a contact for all the relevant clients?
Have you ticked the ‘email’ box when you set them up?

Also, regarding phone support - this isn’t an option at the moment, but support on the forums is very quick and works very well. It also helps keep the cost of the software relatively low compared to others


Thank you so much for your response.
This is an example :R000016
For each recurring invoice Ii always chose the current date that I was filling it out.
I never changed the box with the email because it was always ticked already…I thought!
Ii have got contacts for all the clients.

The status of R000016 shows as follows:

You created this recurring invoice profile on 8th September but activated it on the 10th (as per the event log). The next issue date then jumps forward to the 8th September 2016 as 8th September 2015 had passed by the time you activated it.

Ahhhhh, Ok I think this has happened a few times because I was unaware that Ii had to activate. How can I resolve this? I need to send all the ones that this has happened to tomorrow.

Thank you so much for this help.


No problem!

You just need to modify the template first:

Then set the start date to tomorrows date.

Save and recheck the schedule on the preview screen (i.e. the one on the first image), it should say the next invoice will be issued on 25th November 2015.

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