Recurring Invoice Template: Name & address change not copied from Client Profile

One of my customers has just changed their business and domain name and moved their office, I changed the name, email and postal addresses in the client profile. I expected all changes to be reflected in an associated recurring invoice. However this seems to be not the case, the client has pointed out the recurring invoice issued on 1st June still has the old name/address. To fix it I went to the invoice in question and edited the name/address and re-sent the invoice.

I then realised the template hadn’t been updated with the new name/address, which is why the recurring invoice was incorrect. Is there an automated way that the template name/address/email can be updated from the client profile?

Hi @IT-G,

You can edit the template so that when it comes to the next one being generated it won’t be ‘wrong’.

As far as automated changes are concerned I will need to double check this for you :slight_smile:

Sorry Beth, I should have said that I’ve already updated the Template ready for next month.

Let me know if I’ve missed something when I updated the Client’s profile.


I have checked and it isn’t automatic but you can also update the template with the new address etc then you can remove the client from the template and re-add this will then bring through the new information

I assume you mean update the client profile, then remove/add the client in the template.

I hadn’t thought to try that approach.Thank you.

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Hi @IT-G,

Yes that’s what I meant. Sorry looks like I didn’t read that before I sent it - glad you made sense of it!

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