Recurring Invoice Templates - back-dating changes


I have set up a number of recurring invoices for a number of clients, couple of question relating to recurring invoices.

  1. Invoice Style - Lets say that i want to change Additional Footer Text. I have noticed that this does not automatically change in existing recurring invoices set up prior to new text in Additional Footer Text area. Is there a way to do this or maybe something that you can tick box to “change all” or something?

  2. Modify Client Details - Again I have had a client that changed postal address, so I modified in “Modify Client Details” However the amendment was not automatically taken through into the existing recurring invoice set up for client. Is this a bug or something that could be changed?

look forward to hearing from you.



This behavior is intended as you don’t always want recurring template changes to automatically propagate to all invoices previously generated. This is to ensure the audit trail is maintained, if a client changes address you want the earlier invoices to reflect the old address and not to automatically update.

I agree in some cases it may be desirable to back-date changes but this can be quite intensive on our system, looping back through multiple invoices and applying updates.

We may possibly provide these options in the future but I’m afraid it’s not something on our near-term plan.