Recurring invoice with existing GoCardless payment?

Just wondering if it’s possible to set up recurring invoices for existing GoCardless payments?

If so, any info on how the integration works would be great.

Are invoices automatically marked as paid once payments are received in GoCardless?

Do you mean you have a recurring payment arrangement that you setup in GoCardless and you want to bring this into QuickFile and set it against a recurring invoice?

If this is the case then a new pre-authorisation would need to be setup from QuickFile with your client, you can then create a recurring invoice that would automatically collect the Direct Debit and update your invoice once cleared.

You can find more information on our GoCardless integration here:

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the quick reply. Yep - I have an existing direct debit with GoCardless from before the integration came about. So, essentially - would I have to cancel their existing and then re-create it?

Unfortunately yes, right now GoCardless don’t allow pre-authorisations setup on one system to be transferred to another. So I’m afraid it needs to be cancelled and recreated.

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