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Recurring invoices mark as paid automatically

I have a direct debit with some clients, but because I am using EUR, I cannot automate the link between GoCardLess and Quickfile.
So I have the payments sorted out with Go Cardless, and I am able to create the recurring invoices via Quickfile.
My problem is that those invoices are not marked as paid by default.
Is there any way for the recurring invoices to be marked as paid automatically?
A check on the recurring template would be the best option for me.


Hi @expertoswp

Unfortunately the only way for them to be marked as paid automatically is if QuickFile had requested the direct debit.

We’re not notified of any other payments made through GoCardless, and even if we were, we wouldn’t necessarily know what payment is related to what invoice.

I will explain to the client that the invoices are paid but not marked on the system because the technology issues with the different currencies.
I hope they understand.


You can still enter them manually and mark the invoices as paid manually too. It’s not just possible to automate it at this stage.

And that is exactly my request.
If I can do this manually, why do not you allow to setup a recurring invoice that do what I need to do manually every month?

I have a lot of clients, so doing manually can work for one, but not for many.
I will do the recurring and leave them unpaid, which it is a pity, as it does seem to be a not that difficult thing to do. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry if I’m not following correctly, but you can set up a recurring invoice in a currency other than GBP (providing multi-currency is enabled on your account).

It’s just marking them as paid that wouldn’t be possible to automate at the moment.

yeah, I have 2 options:

  • Automate the creation of invoices but let them unpaid.
  • Manual create them and then mark them paid.

Is it possible to mark them paid using auto-tagging?
But then I need the feed from GoCardLess, which is also something not available…

Can you add a Feature Request to be able to create recurring invoices and mark them as paid (selecting one bank account to use) by default?

Do you think this is a complicated thing to ask?


Potentially, yes.

If you have 4 outstanding invoices, let’s say (I’ll use GBP for now just to illustrate this)

  • £15.00
  • £20.00
  • £10.00
  • £5.00

And then a payment comes in for £20.00. We wouldn’t know if that’s the £20.00 or the £15.00 + £5.00 transaction that has been paid.

Or in another case, take a business who invoices for a specific subscription and has 10 x £10.00 transactions. If a payment is then received for £20.00 - which of those 10 invoices was that for?

Certainly open to ideas here, it’s just something that needs a bit of thought.

I do not think I am explaining it correctly, let me try again.

This is what i do manually:

  • Create invoice. Always the same ammount.
  • Mark as paid: Log Payment click, then selecting the gocardless account, paid in full and bank transfer as method.
    always the same options.

So what I need is:

  • Create recurring invoice. I can do this.
    ---- this is the feature request ----
  • Option: mark all new invoices as paid in full.
    Default bank: gocardless
    Default type: Bank Transfer.

There is not need to check any payments or any amounts.

The idea is to replace 10 clicks for each invoice and each client each month with 3 options on the recurring invoices.

When your marking an invoice as paid and selecting go card less. You already know you’ve been paid don’t you? So your marking it paid with what YOU know to be true.

The point everyone else is making, is how does quickfile know this to be true?

Your saying it should be easy but your forgetting that in your manual process your using logic and your own mind, quickfile can’t use those.

I am not sure how this is different to all other automations on the system.
I know there is a direct debit and a contract for months with a client.
I will then (when I need to) reconcile the accounts and check that everything is ok, I have other methods to check payments, but I do not need to know I have been paid. (Also, I cannot check payments here because quickfile do not sync with gocardless when the payment is not through them, so I will need to do this anyway, in this case, quickfile is making me do more work than not using quickfile).
Answering your question: I do not need quickfile to think for me.

Let me give you another example:

Everytime I create an invoice I KNOW that the client has not cancelled the contract.
How does quickfile know this to be true?

But I can create recurring invoices. This is the same, but with paid invoices instead.
This is an option I am asking, so if I (ME) decides those recurring should be mark as paid, I would love to be able to do so.

I still do not understand how something I can do with 10 clicks cannot be automated.

@QFMathew can you please comment on my last explanation?


Hi @expertoswp

Thank you for the suggestion.

You’re welcome to start a #feature request for this, outlining a usecase and how you would expect it to work, and we can consider this as future development.

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