Recurring Invoices not created / sent

I have created recurring invoices with the start date today. 1st July 2019. However they have not been sent or created yet.
They are active and it says “Next invoice due: 1 July 2019”

I want to remove my smtp settings because my smtp won’t work. But I cannot, I wonder if this is the reason.



As you can imagine a lot of people have their recurring invoices set for the first of the month. As this is the case all of the invoices will be produced by mid afternoon.

I’m not sure I follow what you mean by it won’t work when you try to remove your smtp settings. Is it locked or are you getting an error?

Ah ok, I was thinking maybe the invoices would be sent out at 12:01am on 1st July 2019.
Thats fine.

I added SMTP details, but then realised my server can’t work in this context. But I didn’t see a way to disable smtp because the fields on the smtp page are required. I did read that if they didn’t get sent it would revert to the quickfile servers.

Basically what I’m saying is that once you have added to the fields on the smtp page, you cannot then remove them if you don’t want to use smtp anymore.

On the SMTP settings page there is a big red “Delete SMTP settings” button, try pressing that one!

I don’t see that red button, I am guessing that means the smtp server is not actually added. I think the autofilling of fields was confusing me. Thanks

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Our recurring invoices went out just before lunch.

I assume that QF is getting more users as, in recent months, I have noticed invoices, reminders and statements all going out later in the day than used to be the case.

Much as we would all like our invoices to go out at 00:01 on the due date any computer program takes a finite amount of time to run and, as they say in Star Trek, “you canna change the laws of physics captain”.

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